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Titanium Bros. Motor Clothes

Softail Swingarm/Rigid Frame Handmade Leather Tool Bag

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This handmade leather tool bag comes from some thick dense leather. Its been measured to fit the left side of a Harley Davidson softail (and Rigid Frame depending on frame) and has proven its worth from Los Angeles CA to Sturgis SD and back. Its design is to lie directly over the areas of the swing arm without interference of the belt or passenger pegs. The buckles are for snug tight fit but allow extra capacity for a sweatshirt rolled up under the top. The depth can fit tools and a water bottle without completely changing the look of the bike like saddlebags.

These bags were designed and handmade by motorcycle riders based in Los Angeles, CA that use these bags on a daily basis over hundreds and thousands of miles. The oil and dye are meant to protect and will weather and distress over time for a nice look. (Occasional oiling (coconut oil or vegetable oil) is recommended depending on the amount of riding and weather conditions).

The back of the bag is a new design with holes to loop zip ties and/or metal zip ties that come with pipe wrap. (Both are included). The reason for this is that leather straps are incredibly difficult to tighten from inside the bottom for a snug secure fit. These ties go inside the bag around the swingarm and back into the bag and then tightened. Clip the excess. The tool bags are also designed if you want a strap instead, you can cut the top of each hole and the bottom of each hole to use a strap.

Important Notice: Since each product is handmade by us, there may be irregularities. Each item is unique and may differ in the exact pattern and color (color may differ from the color displayed on the screen), but that is what makes each one so special. It was made just for you.