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Titanium Bros. Motor Clothes

One Piece Handmade Leather Wallet

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This wallet is handmade in Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. from one strong piece of leather. It comes with a ring hole rivet for a chain and a snap that ensures closure. The snap is not only positioned to balance against the aesthetic of the eyehole rivet, its place so the wallet is easier to open. The wallet molds comfortably through time for your cards and how it’s placed in your pocket. The leather has been oiled and dyed for protection but made to weather over time and become distressed. The sleekness of the wallet can be used with or without a chain in the rear pocket, a front pocket, or a jacket breast pocket.

Important Notice: Since each product is handmade by us, there may be irregularities. Each item is unique and may differ in the exact pattern and color (color may differ from the color displayed on the screen), but that is what makes each one so special. It was made just for you.

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